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Disney channel auditions are seasonal casting events that happen in many states you might not think Disney may penetrate into. Just imagine that Disney is into many production every month ranging from channel, animation and even movie. From time to time, they may also venture into doing featured movies for kids, teens and for the whole family.

If you are a resident in Florida or Southern California, Disney is practically a landmark you always dream of visiting when you were a kid. If you are a talent in the making, living somewhere near this dreamland can give you access to unlimited auditions for different productions in film, television, animation of film features.

Disney Channel auditions opens its audition for all ages and most of the time post their need for new talent. Getting access into the latest audition available can prepare you land your first gig as an actor.

While waiting for the next auditions, our blog also provides helpful audition tips for stage moms, kids, and teens aspiring for spots.

We also have collected valuable videos of Disney Channel audition stars that we think are helpful in preparing you for your casting calls and auditions.

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Find Disney Channel auditions Now!